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Meet PetCode Shelters

Distribute free PetCode tags and receive 15% of proceeds when adopters from your shelter upgrade to PetCode Premium

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How It Works

100% of all proceeds go straight back to your shelter when users upgrade to PetCode Premium


  • We donate smart pet tags to your shelter at an agreed monthly rate. The keyword is donate: we don't charge a penny.


  • Hand out PetCode tags, free of charge, to people who adopt from your shelter

New Pet Owners

  • Receive a free shelter-branded PetCode tag
  • Gain access to PetCode's Pet Management App
  • Have the option to upgrade to Premium software plans

Shelters receive 100% of Premium proceeds when their users upgrade to PetCode Premium

So, what do you end up with?


Safer Community

PetCode's smart pet tags are proven to keep pets safer and increase recovery rates.


Strong Branding

Both the PetCode smart tag and app feature the name of your shelter. Your pet owners will never forget who they adopted from.


Increased Donations

We believe in directly providing monetary support to partnered shelters; 100% of all Premium subscription proceeds are donated right back to your shelter.

Net Cost of Partnering with PetCode?


What Is PetCode?

Woman standing next to a mobile phone

Get the PetCode QR Tag and set up your virtual pet profile

Specify multiple points of contact, medical needs, vaccination records, and more.

Woman standing next to a mobile phone with a location marker on it

Use PetCode’s Scan Locations to locate your pet

View exactly when and where your pet’s tag has been scanned in the PetCode app.

Man standing at a crossroads

If your pet suddenly goes missing...

Anyone can scan your pet’s tag and view all contact and pet information. Edit this information anytime, anywhere from the PetCode app.

Woman walking her dog in the park

Reunite with your pet!

PetCode has helped countless pets get home safely – ensure your pet’s safety with PetCode

The QR Tag + Pet Profile

Store 16x More Information than Regular Tags

List 2+ points of contact, medical information, vaccinations, and more. Don’t settle for a rusty metal tag.

Front and back of a PetCode tag lying next to a mobile phone with PetCode's pet profile on it

Update Information

Update tag information anytime, anywhere. Never have an outdated tag again.

Scan Locations

View exactly when and where your tag is scanned. Enjoy transparency and peace of mind.

App Features

Dog walking in a parking lot alongside an image of a pet profile webpage on a phone

Why PetCode Shelters?

PetCode's mission is twofold: reduce the friction associated with pet ownership and reduce the number of lost pets nationwide. By providing our products free of charge to large shelters, which enable hundreds of thousands of new pet owners annually, we touch on both pieces of our mission – putting our products into the hands of new pet owners who need them most. We love working with shelters – schedule a time with us and let's chat!

Karan Dalal

CEO of PetCode

Arnuv Tandon

COO of PetCode

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